If you have a family member who served and died in the military and have (or recently discovered) old letters, diaries, or other personal writings from them, we want to hear from you. Whether your relative served long ago or more recently, their personal accounts can offer unique insights into the past and what life was like during their service.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • The Context: Tell us briefly how you came upon these writings. Were they sent to you, found in an attic, basement, a tucked-away box, or handed down through family?

  • The Content: Share with us any surprising or life-altering details revealed in these letters. Did they uncover unfulfilled plans, unrealized ambitions, secret desires, or personal regrets? How did these revelations impact your understanding of the past and your perception of the family member?

  • The Impact: Let us know how these letters have changed or deepened your understanding of your family’s history and the individual’s life.

Please structure your email to us as follows:

  1. Begin with a brief introduction about who the veteran was and your relation to them. We will not mention the Veteran’s by name.

  2. Then share with us how you received or discovered the letters and share one or two memorable contents within, as appropriate.

  3. Continue with how these discoveries or contents affect you and your family’s perception of the veteran.

  4. End with any final thoughts or feelings you had upon reading these letters again or for the first time.

Send your stories to Letters@sojtf . C0M, with the subject line “Veteran’s Letters”.  We appreciate your willingness to share these deeply personal pieces of history with us and look forward to featuring selected stories in our upcoming segments.

Thank you for contributing to preserving and sharing the personal histories of those who have served. Your stories help keep the memory of these individuals alive and provide valuable insights into our shared history.