This disclosure applies to the website SOJTF found at https://sojtf.com/, which operates under the tagline “Special Operations Joint Task Force.” The information provided below outlines the purpose and focus areas of the website.

General Information

The SOJTF website serves as a guiding light for veterans, offering resources, connection, and empowerment. It aims to bridge the gap between service and civilian life, ensuring that every veteran’s voice is heard.

Resource-centric Approach

The website strives to simplify the challenges veterans face and provide them with comprehensive support. It offers a library of resources and expert guidance to navigate benefits, healthcare, financial assistance, educational opportunities, career support, mental health services, and more.

Community-focused Platform

SOJTF is committed to fostering connection and support among veterans of all generations and backgrounds. Through online forums, local meetups, and other avenues, the website offers a safe space for veterans to share stories, find mentors, build lasting friendships, and overcome challenges together.

Empowerment-oriented Content

The website recognizes that service extends beyond discharge, and it aims to empower veterans to thrive in civilian life. It provides career development resources, entrepreneurship tips, educational scholarships, and other tools to help veterans translate their military skills into civilian success and lead fulfilling lives.


SOJTF’s website is dedicated to supporting veterans, providing them with resources, facilitating community connections, and empowering them to navigate the challenges of transitioning to civilian life.